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Selwo Marina in Benalmadena is a classic holiday attraction. Andalucia’s one and only dolphinarium is the perfect way to spend a day out with the family while enjoying your holiday at Select Benal Beach – and it’s almost right next door!

The park offers an exciting range of activities and exhibits, with regular live events that not only thrill spectators but also provide a first class opportunity to learn about rare and endangered species through interactive sessions with many of the park’s wonderful marine mammals.

Three times every day there is a traditional dolphin show, which is still the kids’ favourite but now comes with a special chance to ‘Meet the Dolphins’. The interactive sessions are held in the dolphin pool where visitors get to play games and join in training sessions with these lovable and highly intelligent animals whose unique personalities shine out once they come into contact with humans.

You and the family can also ‘Meet the Penguins’ in their chilly, ice-filled environment, before taking a chance to ‘Swim with Sea Lions’ in another pool specially adapted for these highly interactive sessions. At various times throughout the day, other interactions and displays to be enjoyed include exotic bird shows, penguin and tortoise feeding and fun with the squirrel monkeys.

Selwo Marina comprises four themed areas – the Caribbean-style setting of ‘Antilles’ is the place to see the dolphins and sea lions; ‘Ice Island’ is where the penguins live in their super-chilled home; the ‘Hollow’ is filled with dozens of species of exotic birds and ‘Amazonia’ is the highly appropriate name given to the exhibition of numerous species of tropical fish, reptiles and insects.

Like most of its contemporaries, Selwo Marina has a huge commitment to conservation. Specialist teams have been assembled to study every species in the park and the lessons learned are fed back to those who work outside, helping to maintain the delicate balance required for the protection of the world’s natural flora and fauna.

Educational work is also ongoing at the park, with a regular programme of lectures, exhibitions and school and college workshops on offer to complement the excitement generated by the animals themselves.

You’ll never forget your family day out at Selwo Marina – and you’ll have dozens of wonderful souvenir photos to show your friends and colleagues back home. It’s a ‘must-see’ attraction when you stay at Select Benal Beach – and not just because it’s so close! Take a picnic or let the park’s caterers tempt you as you fill your day with happy memories – and bring your swimsuit, because the dolphins and sea lions can’t wait to see you in the water!


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