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Where in the world will every member of the family find entertainment and leisure pursuits they can enjoy: Tivoli World show and amusement park at Arroyo de la Miel on the Costa del Sol, that’s where.

The fairground/theme park is a long-established attraction that prides itself on variety, value for money and providing great shared memories for families to take away with them – and each year something fresh is added to the menu of rides, shows and services.

Beautiful, landscaped gardens with illuminated fountains are a pleasure to stroll, but they are just the start of a packed programme of audience participation activities, novelties and amusements with over 40 different rides, live performances, café-bars and restaurants offering international cuisine.

Of course, what kid doesn’t want a thrill ride and they can use the park’s own currency, Tivolino, or the supertivolino wristband that allows unlimited use of 37 rides.

In peak season, live shows run every day and themes such as the circus, gangsters, Wild West shenanigans in the authentically recreated Far West Town, dances from around the world including Andalucia’s very own flamenco in Andalucia Square, and more. Kids will love The Buccaneers Square with its pirate theme shows, and The Jungle Square, which also includes a Jungle Express ride and children’s Free-Fall Tower.

There is also the Showboat on Tivoli Lake, where some amazing performances take place on a wonderful old paddle steamer, and Cross Adventure’s Mini Theatre with some breathtaking rides: Techno Jump, Giant Ferris Wheel, Tivoli Water etc. And a feature popular every year is the Passage of Terror… a House of Horrors for those who seek spine tingling chills.

The park offers plenty of eating choices: Spanish-style at the Andalucia restaurant; the Texas Grill restaurant and buffet for BBQ ribs, steaks and skewers; exotic Asian fare with dishes from China, Thailand and Vietnam at the Chinese Pagoda or the Capri Pizza restaurant for a range of Italian favourites, including great pizzas and pasta dishes. All of the restaurants include licensed bars and there are also kiosks and stands at points around the park.

Tivoli World is just a few minutes’ drive from Select Benal Beach. Opening hours vary by season, so it’s best to check before you leave the resort. During the main holiday period of late July through August, the park only opens for the evening – from 6pm until 2am – so you can continue to enjoy yourself way after the sun has gone to bed.

See the website for opening times, ticket prices and show details. or ask at your Resort Reception.


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